WORX Robotic Landroid Lawn Mower Review

WORX Robotic Landroid Lawn Mower Review

Technology has come a long way since the simple days of large entire-room computers. Today you can have automatic vacuum cleaners, automatic cars, and cell phones that can perform any function imaginable, especially with the newer applications. It is only fair to spread the knowledge and technology over into the lawn care profession. The Robotic lawn mower made its first debut a few years back when it brought a whole new meaning to cutting your grass.

Product Details and Description

From right out of the box, it is ready for easy install, with detailed instructions, and prepared to be programmed. The intelligence technology that provides this lawn mower with commands to make preferred cuts and navigate through passages that might be narrow. If there are inclines in your yard, this robotic lawn mower can easily navigate them and cut evenly up to a twenty degree slope. It can even avoid obstacles with its sensor system. When the cut is finished, it returns to the base, designed specifically for this lawn mower, and recharges itself. “The grass is greener on the other side” phrase is definitely not applicable with this lawn mower.

The Positives of the Robotic Lawn Mower

There have been a variety of robotic type equipment developed over the years, but none like the lawn mower. Consumers who have purchased this lawn mower have reported it to be a dream come true. It cuts beautifully and allows you time to complete other tasks. The noise that this mower makes is very quiet. In fact, consumers have reported that the only whisper you hear is the actual cutting of each blade of grass. Even consumers with medium type terrain, hills and dips, consumers claim that this has saved them from aches and pains.

The Negatives of the Robotic Lawn mower

As with all technology there are bugs that must be worked out. Several consumers have complained about the upgrading, as their earlier versions would not, for instance, go in a straight line but more of a curved arch. Problems with the lining wire that helps the robot learn the path it should take has also occurred with newly purchased robotic mowers. Some consumers have experienced the unit shutting down or off without any warning or being told to do so. This has been seen during the charging session. With each new session of cutting, it has to be reset, which has become an issue for a variety of consumers.

The Conclusion

Whether you need something just to cut your grass or you would like to invest into technology, this small robotic lawn mower is more power than needed for small to medium sized lawns, even with obstacles. You can commit your time to other outside chores while this little beauty works circles around your yard leaving a great cut. You can even program it to start up and stop when you want it to. There is little need to have a large mower for a small yard, but a robotic mower may be perfect for cutting a small yard.

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