Why an Electric Scooter Can Help Your Child Spend Time in Nature

Why an Electric Scooter Can Help Your Child Spend Time in Nature

Why an Electric Scooter Can Help Your Child Spend Time in Nature

These days, more and more kids are spending their days inside. They scroll through social media, scan the internet, play video games, listen to music, and generally sit listless inside their homes when they’re not busy with school, sports, or other activities. Getting your child to leave the house at all has become a struggle, and more than ever kids are electing to stay home rather than go through the effort of going out. But would kids spend as much time inside if they had their own means of transportation, besides family and public transit?

Kids Aren’t Going Outside

Children in the U.S., specifically, seem to be going out less than ever. It’s harder to find children who play outside than it is to find children who have a social media profile. One reason a lot of these kids aren’t spending time outside and in nature, is simply that they have no access to it. Most children don’t live near a nature conservatory of a national park, but most do live within driving range of small parks and natural areas. Because it can be a chore getting transportation to these natural areas, most children elect to stay inside instead.

Children DO Appreciate Nature

Most youth can say they have had a personal experience in nature that helped them to appreciate nature and to enjoy spending time outdoors. Essentially, what we have is a generation of children who are not accustomed to being outside, have little to no access to nature, and yet are able still to develop a deep appreciation for it.

Plenty of organizations in schools and after-school programs have sought to help encourage children to spend time outside and in nature, yet results show these are often ineffective. I propose we address the obstacles preventing children from experiencing nature rather than addressing their mindsets.


One of the strongest discouragements to children seeking nature is access. Most children live in homes that are not near natural areas, and even when they do getting to these areas can be difficult. However, giving these children the power to go where they choose would implicitly encourage them to go out more.

Electric Scooters

Asking children to spend more time inside and then insisting they work for it isn’t very logical. That’s why an electric scooter might be the perfect solution. An electric scooter can help kids to get wherever they would want or need to go, and it’s much safer than a gas-powered scooter or bike. Speaking of safety, there are plenty of electric scooters that take safety into consideration and are designed specifically for children. If you think that an electric scooter might help your child to spend less time “plugged in” or sitting in front of a screen, check out this Dareway scooter review.

How to Help Your Child Get Out

Once you’ve gotten your child an electric scooter and they’ve gotten the hang of using it, you’ll want to establish certain habits to promote more time outside and in nature. If you have a bike or an electric scooter of your own, you should take your child to different natural spaces near your home. Make a point of taking the same path to each one every time, and pointing out different landmarks on the way.

Let your child lead the way sometimes as well. This will make the path from home to nature comfortable and safe for your child to traverse on their own, empowering them to go out and spend time in nature whenever they want. Once you’re child knows the way by heart, I can almost guarantee they’ll be excited to show all of their friends how independent they are and they’ll likely share the path with a friend just to show them they can do it.


Kids are spending more time inside than ever, but blaming it entirely on the children has been shown repeatedly to be a useless and frustrating approach. Instead, empower your children to spend time in nature whenever they choose and enjoy nature yourself in order to model it for them. Your child will be grateful that you encouraged them to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature!

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