What Do You Need to Build Muscle and Stay fit?

What Do You Need to Build Muscle and Stay fit?

Many people avoid this subject for various reasons. This is because everyone has his own set of training equipment when it comes to weight training. Being the best exercise ever, we need to look at the basic equipment you need to replace that ton of fat with muscle.

To benefit from weight training, you need to have the ultimate training experience. You need essential equipment no matter where you are training from. Let us check out the top equipment that shouldn’t miss in your training area.


These represent the first and most important equipment you need to have. These weights come in different types, and it is best to have all the types because you need a specific type for specific weight movements. Barbells, adjustable dumbbells and dumbbell weights are the common types of weights.

Most gyms have dumbbells and barbells. If you are training from home, I would suggest you get adjustable dumbbells to start with. This is because you get to adjust the weight depending on your needs. With these dumbbells, you eliminate the need to have different weights.

Weight Rack

If you have a lot of weights or dumbbells, you are better off if you have a weight rack to hold the different weight sets when not in use. The rack also keeps your weights well organized and gives you easy access to them. The rack also keeps the weights at a central point so that you don’t trip on them as you move around.

Gym Bench

You will need a surface from which you can perform various exercises. A gym bench gives you the essential surface to work from. Use the bench to execute bench presses, triceps extensions, shoulder presses, upright rows and many other exercises. You can get creative with the bench and hit every muscle group.

You are better off with a bench that you can adjust. This means that you can adjust the bench to a reclining or a declining position to give you a different position for working out.

You can also modify the gym bench to work as a sit up bench. This bench helps you hit the abs.

Weight Training Gloves

The weights and dumbbells might be a bit heavy and rough on your hands. You might end up with minor injuries and blisters if you handle the weights using bare hands. Using these gloves cushions your palm against the abrasive nature of the weights. The gloves also give you the best grip especially when you have sweaty palms.

Exercise Balls

These are essential for abs training, which is one of the toughest exercises to execute. Using the exercise ball adds intensity to the ab workout and makes other exercises more challenging.

Smith Machine

At times, you need to perform resistance training so that you can handle more weight. One of the best ways to do this is to invest in a smith machine, which allows you to target basically all body parts using a single machine. The smith machine allows you the luxury of adjusting the weight depending on your ability. Another benefit of using this machine is that it takes up little space as compared to having individual equipment for each body part, making it ideal for home gyms.

The Right Schedule

You need to follow a regular training program in order to achieve your weight training target. Jumping straight away into a weight training program is one of the biggest mistakes people make. There are so many training programs on the internet, but few fit the bill. You can’t keep on moving from one program to the next seeking for the perfect one.

One of the top schedules you can use and get the results you desire is The body beast schedule. This schedule comes in phases, with each phase giving you a set of workouts to get you ripped or bigger. This schedule is ideal even for hard gainers.

On Your Marks, Set, Build Muscle!

It doesn’t take rocket science to build the muscles you desire, all you need is the right equipment and a schedule to match. Make sure you have all you need to start the journey to getting ripped, and while at it, make sure you have the right weight training program to keep you committed to the cause.

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