Want Nice Rice? Here We Discuss Three Great Rice Cookers

Want Nice Rice? Here We Discuss Three Great Rice Cookers

Rice is a favorite food of many cultures around the world, and is a staple of most diets the world over. The main difference between eastern and western cultures when it comes to rice, however, is that the west treats it almost incidentally: it’s something to put tasty food on top of, whereupon it absorbs the flavor. In the east, rice is cooked to perfection so that its own natural, earthy, sumptuous flavor is brought to the surface, complementing the rest of the meal beautifully. Amazon.com offers a wide variety of rice cookers, but many of their listings are sponsored; it’s hard to know what you’re getting in advance. We’ve tried to provide a few suggestions of Amazon rice cookers that might be just what you’re looking for, based on reviews found elsewhere online.

What We Look For in a Rice Cooker

Between sponsored ads, and organic listings not ranked by popularity, it can be hard to tell what you’re getting with a rice cooker purchased from Amazon.com… despite the website being an undeniably wise destination to look for something that is both functional, and affordable. What you need, then, is a little extra third-party information to help you decide which rice cooker is right for you. We look for rice cookers reviewed elsewhere online, with multiple reviewers supporting the statements made about them in their Amazon listings. From there, we picked a few which seemed to stand out, in terms of being particularly well-suited to a buyer in a particular situation.

Aptly-named Aroma Offers a 10-cup Bruiser

With a capacity of ten cups (dry; twenty cups cooked), the ARC-150SB is the ideal size for a large family in want of leftovers – or, perhaps, for a small country diner, perhaps paired with a twin to ensure that the rice never runs out. Aroma is the best-selling rice cooker brand in the United States, with the highest customer approval rating. Their digital rice cooker will perfectly prepare ample portions of rice every time, and keep them warm for hours. It offers no-stick, easy-clean construction, and a variety of convenient and easy-to-use programmable modes for preparing different types of rice and rice-based dishes. Fire it up and forget about it, until the rest of your meal is ready!

From Black & Decker, a Knockout 3-cup Cooker

This convenient little gem prepares three cups of dry rice, producing approximately six one-cup servings of finished, sumptuous rice-based cuisine. It can handle white rice, brown rice, and long-grain rice, as well as producing a wide variety of rice-based dishes – such as rice and beans, or chicken and rice, or rice with steamed vegetables. Not only will it handle all the cooking from start to finish – really, just toss in the ingredients and set your preferred mode – but you are guaranteed moist and sumptuous food each and every time, with the flavor and the nutrition both locked in, just waiting to be enjoyed. The RC3406 model is perfect for singles, couples, and small families – if the family doesn’t much care for leftovers!

Here Goes Hirbo; Are You Ready to Eat?

Hirbo’s offering for this list deserves a certain mention. Its major feature, and one that I personally find to be particularly satisfying, is its list of thirteen pre-programmed cooking modes specific to different food types. Whether I want to cook long-grain rice, or rice and beans, or chicken and rice, or even fish – or, perhaps I want to prepare yogurt! Hirbo’s 13-in-1 multifunctional rice cooker can deliver just about anything I might want. It’s wipe-clean, non-sticky, and built to take up as little space as possible… so, it’s convenient. With a final capacity of roughly eight one-cup servings of finished product, it’s large enough for a small family… with a little rice left over for the next day’s lunches.

All for One, and One for All!

… Or, at the very least, “something for everyone!” Whatever your situation… whether you own a small restaurant, or you’re feeding a hungry family of five every night, or it’s just you – and perhaps your spouse, just getting started on the rest of your lives together – one of the models of traditional Japanese rice cooker that we’ve discussed here is probably just right for you. Give them a look; feel free to visit our contact page, and let us know what you think of our choices; we enjoy hearing from you, and we’re always striving to provide the best of what the Web has  to offer!

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