Something in the Water:Recognizing Rowing

Something in the Water:Recognizing Rowing

Although it is a fantastic way to stay in shape and a very competitive pastime, rowing is often overlooked as both an exciting sport and an excellent form of exercise. From its humble beginnings as a mode of traveling over bodies of water, rowing has become a respected Olympic competition and provides a perfect blueprint of how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The Roots of Rowing

Rowing originally started out not as a sport, but as a means of transportation. From ancient times to the industrial age, rowing was especially good for moving people and their goods across the seas, rivers, and bays. Rowing has been around for as long as human beings have used boats on the water, with a protracted history as one of the oldest traditions in the world. The roots of rowing reach back to Ancient Rome, Egypt, and Greece, although rowing as a sport was first developed in England in the 1700s. It now enjoys a reputation as a prominent sport practiced both recreationally and competitively by many around the world.

Row, Row, Row Your Body

While rowing usually takes place on the water in a boat, the beneficial motions of rowing can be replicated at home or at the gym with a rowing machine. Promoted and recommended by fitness experts and physicians alike, aHome Rower provides a whole host of physical and psychological perks. Whether you are a serious athlete or just trying to stay in shape, exercising with a home rower has gained in popularity because of the countless benefits offered by rowing.

Rowing Into Shape

Choosing the right exercise program can be overwhelming because there are many routines to decide from, especially if you’re new to fitness. Starting with a rowing machine can completely improve your health as it gives you a superior, yet simple, overall full body workout. Rowing is for all ages and applies to all fitness levels. If you’re looking to build and tone your muscles, lose weight, or gain some stamina, the rower won’t let you down. This brilliant machine will help you develop your lower and upper body by working out your main core muscles. You are guaranteed to feel alive as the rower enhances your workout routine by getting your lungs and heart pumping. Once you start rowing, you won’t want to stop.

Advantages of Rowing

Whether you are training to participate in the sport or stepping onto a home rower for the first time, prepare to feel the full benefits of this magnificent method of exercise.

  • Aerobic and Cardiovascular Conditioning

Rowing is an exercise that will immediately raise your heart rate and provide an amazing overall aerobic workout. It is recommended that all adults who are healthy or working on getting healthier should engage inboth moderate and vigorous-intensity exercise each week, and rowing will give you that and more.A home rower will help control your heart rate well within a vigorous-to-moderateintensity range. Most rowers also have a monitor to keep track of your heart rate with a wireless chest strap or other devices to make sure you are meeting your fitness goals.

  • Joint and Muscle Mobility

Using a rower can help to improve the mobility of your joints and muscles without overworking your muscles. This is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from osteoporosis or arthritis because the joints and muscles will experience a range of different movements while rowing, which will eventually loosen stiffness and increase flexibility. If you get stiff after long periods of sitting or live a sedentary lifestyle, try loosening your joints and muscles by moving at a good pace for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Full Body Workout

A rowing machine will strengthen your entire body, including your middle and lower back, biceps, forearms, calves, hamstrings, and glamor muscles. Whether rowing or using a home rower, you are guaranteed to moveall of your body parts more than you would with most exercise machines. These beneficial motions offer a low-impact exercise which most people of various fitness levels can accomplish comfortably without experiencing the wear and tear of running on a treadmill and other traditional exercise routines.

As many people have discovered around the world, rowing is an intense yet rewarding sport in which to compete as well as an efficiently effective form of exercise. If you can’t get out on the water, a home rowing machine is the next best thing.

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