Parents as Modern Day Heroes

Parents as modern day heroes

Parents as Modern Day Heroes

Throughout history being in a united family was the only chance of survival. Early humans had to find a way to prevail against the harsh untamed forces of the world around them. During the Neolithic, Paleolithic and Bronze ages early humans struggled to understand how weather affected agriculture and how to maintain order in newly forming societies.

Never before had mankind been faced with having a non relative as a neighbor. Since the early ages populations have only grown and matured in complexity. The purpose of this article is to shed light on the importance of seeking education in the specialized field of communication.Today societies ask the same questions about social justices as they did in emerging societies.

Major advances in history were made possible as written communication spread throughout the Mesopotamian regions. It wasn’t until then that cultures were able to pass down records, and knowledge to future generations. The same is true today which is why it is essential for parents to find the best educators for their children. Taking an educational therapy course is a perfect way to to build knowledge around helping kids gain the skills that will enable them to be successful in the future.

Diversity has grown in topics of conversation around the world. Good riddance to the days where the Greeks would abandon their ‘imperfect’ children in the wilderness for fear their lack of physical strength would prevent them from being successful. For societies today still engaging in practices like these, may wisdom smack them in the face soon because diversity brings new perspectives. Every person deserves to live a full, healthy and safe life.

As mentioned earlier there was a time where life meant living with a tribe full of relatives, but today life often means living closely in neighborhoods of strangers. This is why it is essential to build communities. A community can provide a place to belong, security and resources.

IT takes communication to get there. Whether a mental illness of depression, anxiety, or illnesses like Aspergers, or even challenges such as speech impediments, a community will bring a support system that will enhance the quality of life.

Being a hero means taking initiative to gain knowledge, learn skills and pass on this knowledge through example. It also takes courage to show leadership in a world busy chasing money. The same was true of early leaders who had a vision, who had the knowledge and the courage to make a change. Without the belief that changes are possible Western Civilization would not have made it to where it is today.

Every person born on earth deserves the resources to engage with their community and live up to their full potential.This is why parents who advocate for their children facing challenges in society today are modern day heroes. It is time to leave the past behind, and focus on a future of inclusivity.

In conclusion the only way to protect the future is to invest in communication skills. Communication is an indispensable skill and necessary for finding a community. After comparing ancient Western Civilizations to modern today it obvious that parents are the heroes for their children.

In a world running out of natural resources, it is evermore important to plant the seed of leadership personally so that every individual can contribute to building communities, communicating with each other and re-establish the personal values tribes had with one another as extended family members.

Without a doubt deciding to gain training in communication is the first step to becoming a hero who will make a lasting positive impact for generations.

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