Instagram for Medical Professionals

Instagram for Medical Professionals

With over 800 million users logging into their Instagram accounts in the past one month, Instagram shows no signs of slowing down. This visual media sharing platform only continues its upward growth, giving you millions of reasons to join this information sharing and digital marketing gold mine.

If you run a health facility and you are seeking for a way to connect and engage with your potential patients, this is the marketing platform for you. With 90 percent of users being under the age of 35 years, this is the perfect place to begin engaging the people that are just starting to make individual medical decisions.

How to Leverage Instagram for Your Practice

Post High Resolution Pictures

One of the issues that affect Instagram account growth is posting of irrelevant and poor quality photos. Even though it isn’t a rule that you only post medical images, you need to know some rules about proper posting of images to leave an impact.

Instagram is a good way to give your audience a peek into the office, promote new services, show your future plans and other information.

The rule about pictures is that you need to post something that your audience will love. You also need to post the images regularly, not so much and not so little. You post too much and you annoy your audience, you post too little and your audience gets bored.

Know Your Hashtags

Before you can post any media to your account, you need to research what hashtags are trending in your industry. Hashtags represent a great way to start a conversation or engage with your audience. For instance, if you are a dentist you can target #cosmeticdentist or #dentures. Doing this means if someone is seeking treatment for these conditions they can easily find you.


2016 proved to be the year when videos came to the limelight in digital marketing. This is attributed to the fact that videos are more informative, engaging, powerful and authentic as compared to a single picture.

Not to be left behind, Instagram took up the video challenge and allows you to post 1-minute videos to showcase your services. You can even use the livestreaming service that has been added to the platform to showcase any video you have.

Videos can be in any category, but the best way to use videos is to showcase different medical procedures in summary form. They can also be of exercises or give a tour of the facility.

According to statistics, live videos attract 3 more times watching appeal as compared to pre-recorded videos.


Engagement is the pillar of Instagram marketing. Which healthcare professional doesn’t want to talk to his prospective patients? Being on Instagram allows you to engage your patients even if you are 500 miles away. Most of the people you interact with are patients or users who regard you as an expert in the field. Still in doubt? Check out to see how Instagram is changing the healthcare horizon.

In Closing

You can take your healthcare business to the next level using the right strategies. Follow these tips to stay ahead of the pack.

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