Ice Boss Elite Black Portable Ice Maker Machine High Output Ice Maker Review

Ice Boss Elite Black Portable Ice Maker Machine High Output Ice Maker Review

Ice makers have made it really convenient for people to use instead of having to run to the store each and every time you needed a bag of ice. Time and money wasted by traveling to the store for ice can be saved with the purchase of an ice maker. The Boss Elite ice maker can be more than just a stationary ice machine. It is portable and can be put in a cabin, on a boat, or even used temporarily outside.

Details and Features

This sleek ice maker is perfect with producing ice in little as six minutes. It can make three different sized ice cubs ranging from large, medium, and small. There is a CFC Free, high efficiency, compressor used inside of the machine to produce the ice. The water reservoir has a capacity of one gallon of water. It can produce approximately thirty five pounds each day of freshly made ice. There are a few accessories inside that help to make this machine work including the ice tray and the refrigerated cycles. The drip plug on the side makes it easy to drain and clean out.


There are many strengths that this Boss unit has to offer its owner. One being easy to move with only weighing 32 pounds. The 16x14x16 unit can fit on the counter or inside of a cabinet. It can even be placed on a boat, as long as the necessary items to use it are present. Some consumers have reported that this unit is excellent and produces ice just as they had imagined. Made by Electro Boss, consumers have found this Elite machine to be just that, elite, the best in its class and decent for the amount of money that it costs compared to other similar sized units.


Many consumers have found a few kinks in the manufacturing of this product. They claim that the unit spit out water instead of ice. Many have seen issues of the unit breaking within the first few weeks of being used, if even working correctly at all. Ice clumps have been reported to melt together and not produce usable ice. Other complaints include the fact that the ice tray seems to be poorly made or flimsy and cannot withstand the pressure of it being filled up with ice completely. A few of the buttons on the control panel have also been reported as going out and not coming back on.


Many people may shun the idea of paying hundreds of dollars for an ice making machine, but in the year or two after have noticed the dramatic decrease of price spent at the store for ice or the time consumed by filling ice trays. There will be issues that people find with defected products. Some products may have a defect in the line, but the rest come out completely functional. Portable commercial ice makers, for $140 is fairly cheap, compared to other machines, and could be the answer to all of your ice needs.

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