Filing a Claim for Negligence During Laser Eye Surgery

Filing a Claim for Negligence During Laser Eye Surgery

Filing a Claim for Negligence During Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery burst to the forefront in the early 1990s. Since the launch of this groundbreaking surgical procedure, it has become very popular in the country, with more than 1,500 procedures performed each day. The rise in the number of patients opting for this procedure is attributed to the effectiveness and the competition on the market that has seen a drop in the cost of the procedure.

Additionally, medical experts promise the people who are dependent on glasses that they won’t need the glasses anymore once they go for laser eye surgery. This has led to a spurt in demand for the technique.

Distorted Information

Although this condition promises near-perfect results with minimal side-effects, it has been found that many clinics that offer this procedure are misleading you when it comes to the success rates. Some say that the risk of complications is low while others say there are no risks at all.

It has also been revealed that the failure rate of this procedure is ten percent, meaning 1 out of 10 patients who go for laser eye surgery don’t get the results they expect. It is also a fact that patients who undergo this procedure don’t get all the information regarding potential side effects and complications. Although the doctor is not required to tell the patient every minor detail regarding the procedure, at least he is supposed to explain the risks that might lead to an adverse outcome.

Unrealistic Expectations?

Statistics show that majority of claims surrounding laser eye surgery are centered on unrealistic expectations that the patients have when they go for the procedure. The patient usually takes the words of the surgeon to be the truth, and expect the results to match his words.

The doctors, due to high competition and increasing demand for this procedure, are moving fast just to fulfill the various appointments. Doing this makes them prone to error. One of the top mistakes is surgical error that leads to various problems. One of the mistakes on the part of the doctor is failing to carry out appropriate screening procedures to identify underlying conditions that might complicate the surgery.

Complications Galore

Complications that arise due to the poor surgical procedure include minor issues such as pain and light sensitivity, to severe complications such as blindness and corneal scarring. These complications make it possible for you to file for negligence, but you have to prove an error occured, whether deliberate or not, on the part of the surgeon and his assistants for the claim to go through.

These complications vary between different clinics and surgeons depending on the qualification of the surgeon and the tools available in the clinic. It is therefore sensible to research about the clinic and your surgeon before you agree to go for the procedure. Find out the complication rates of the surgeon and the clinic before making a decision.

What If You Already Have the Complications?

What if you took the road to better eyesight and you are experiencing complications due to the surgery? Talk to a lawyer who understands the procedure to file a complaint and a claim. The Medical Negligence Expertshave all the information you need, right from when to file the claim and how much to ask regarding compensation.


The acceptance of laser eye surgery hasn’t come without its shortcomings. The high competition among the surgeons and the surge in demand for this treatment has led to many medics taking the short route to gain the knowledge to perform this procedure. Due to this, success rates have plummeted, and errors are becoming commonplace. When an error occurs, seek the services of an experienced lawyer to help you get compensated for damages and injury.

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