Cheap or Homemade Wedding Gifts Ideas

Cheap or Homemade Wedding Gifts Ideas

Wedding gifts should be unique and meaningful. While that is true, wedding presents don’t necessarily have to be expensive. Armed with the following cheap or homemade wedding gift ideas, you can still surprise the newlyweds with a gift they will live to cherish.

Design a Custom Set of Mugs

You can purchase plain mugs at craft stores for a price that is almost next to nothing. And, all you need to do to make them special is to put a decorative print, using an enamel based paint. To make the colors unique, bake them in the oven for about half an hour at 350 degrees. You may choose to inscribe the names of the bride and the bridegroom on the surface of the cups.

Stock the Newlyweds Post-honeymoon Fridge

Some quick snacks or frozen dinners from the grocery store can be forthcoming for a newlywed couple. The point is, the couple won’t be coming home to the dreaded, empty fridge. You may also choose to stock their closet with supplies such as lotions, aftershave, moistures or other beauty products. These may not be the most glorious gifts but may be a pleasant surprise particularly for a couple who are moving into their first place.

Song Lyric Art

If you know the couple’s favorite song or a poem that has some special meaning to their love life a DIY print will make a priceless wedding gift. Write the song’s lyrics or poem with cute vinyl calligraphy written on materials such as canvas. Follow this with a thin spray of pain. On top of that, be sure to uncover the letters to reveal the decorative writing style.

A Walk Down the Memory Lane

In line with evoking special memories between the couples, you may consider tracking where they first met and create a “memory map” for the two. You can do this by cutting out the location from a map, then coating it with Mod Podge.  Stick the map to a multicolored surface and frame.

Playful Pillows

“Playful Pillows” that feature romantic phrases such as “dreaming of you” or “you are in my dreams” could come across as special wedding gifts for the newlywed couple. You can do this by slipping thin cardboard into the pillow and scribe the phrase using a fabric pen. That way, when the bride and groom lie on the pillows, it will appear as though the couple is dreaming about each other.

Get the Couple a Wedding Singer

Okay, this is not a DIY gift per se, but it is one of the most thoughtful wedding gifts you can get. Think of it a way of making the soon-to-be newlyweds big day one to remember. And you don’t have to spend much to get a good wedding singer. Visit to check out the services of James Barlow, a world-class wedding singer based in the United Kingdom.

See, it is not that hard to impress the groom and bride with your gifts, right? You only need to think outside the box.

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