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Oakley GasCan Men’s Sunglasses

Sunglasses have never been something that people want to cheap out on, as a matter of fact, it seems as if a lot of people want to find their very own sense of style. If you’ve never worn a pair of shades or sunglasses before, you really are missing out. Being able to accessorize with your outfit is a skill, not a right, and that’s why so many people struggle to manage that feat. Once you’re able to perfect the kinds of glasses and such that you’re going to wear on a daily basis, people are going to take notice. Sunglasses can say a lot about both your personality and the way you want to go about carrying yourself – which can be somewhat hard to determine at times.

Frames With No Shame

Oakley is one of the most important brands that the sunglasses industry has ever known, and that’s because they know what creates a fantastic product. They’ve been able to keep their customers happy for more than a few years now, and there is really no other way to go about buying sunglasses without hearing the name “Oakley”.

Shade Features

These are glasses that are very iconic, the frames themselves are going to be enough to draw some eyes towards you. They’re sturdy and reliable, because Oakley provides sunglasses that are going to survive some pretty serious instances. The “O-Matter” frames are really important, and the glasses themselves are still small enough to fit most faces (and be stored with ease). Not a lot of people are into the over-sized look, but others might prefer it – I suppose it’s just all a mater of preference. These shades also come in many other varieties of color, some of which would be black or even just completely white with blue lenses. There’s also an iridium coating, which is supposed to keep lenses safe.


The iridium coating is useful in many different cases, but it’s also kind of a bad thing. The lenses themselves are going to stick around and won’t crack easily, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to scratch up with ease. They’re prone to scratching, and that’s one of the hardest things around.


They’re reliable, good looking and they’re going to change the way you look at most of your outfits. With an accessory like this one, you’re going to notice that a lot more people will compliment your looks. It might not make your prettier, but the strength and look of these shades are more than enough to warrant a purchase.


With shades like this one, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t bought a pair for yourself yet – that’s exactly how I was thinking when I initially saw them! Trust me on this, these sunglasses are one of the coolest option(s) that you could choose from on the market. The market is always changing, but high quality glasses will never go away.

AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater

AmazonBasics Havana Bronze Commercial Patio Heater Review

I’ve recently become a fan of patios, but since I live in Buffalo, I don’t always get to use it as much as I would like. This lead to me looking into the different kinds of patio heaters I could go about purchasing, as it would allow me to hang out on the patio during those incredibly cold nights (well, within reason obviously). You’re not going to be out there in the middle of a snow storm, but there is definitely some sort of positive to take away from all of this – that being that you can stay warm and still be comfortable on your patio. You can take a look at Patio Heaters HQ if you want a little more information on the products themselves, but today, I’m going to focus on one specific item.

What Do They Do?

Patio heaters keep your patio well tempered through the use of a heating system, one that doesn’t call for a lot of power (believe it or not). If you find that sitting on your patio is a chilly experience, this is probably something that you should be using.

Features of the Heater

This is s very durable patio heater, and its got a powder-coated bronze finish to keep the look as sleek as possible. There’s a heat output of 46,000 BTU’s, and there’s also a Piezo ignition system in place. The safety auto shut-off tilt valve makes sure that your heater isn’t going to stay on for extended periods of time, and there’s even wheel assembly included. It measures in at about 18 by inches (that would be length by height). It’ll cost you around $139.99 to purchase, and that’s actually rather affordable when it comes to the world of patio heaters.

Why Should I Like It?

The patio heater itself is well made, and very durable – the powder-coated bronze finish means that it’s going to look relatively good for a few years to come. The heat output sits at 46,000 BTU’s, which is more than enough for any sort of patio out there; even if you happen to live in one of those really cold areas (like Canada!).

Why Shouldn’t I Like It?

I’ve seen a few patio heaters in my time, and this one doesn’t have the most stylish design you could go about using in your home. If you’re really conscious about how well things go together in your home, having the right patio heater would probably be a very big deal (looks-wise).

How I Feel Altogether

I like all of the features that this patio heater was able to give me, and in any other case, I wouldn’t have worried so much about the looks and just focused on the things it got done. It did keep my patio warm, and that’s all that really matters.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer

I was beginning to take my diet a little more seriously, and I was required to get into the habit of juicing things. I needed to find myself a reliable juicer in order to so, which lead me to this product. The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer is pretty much the sole reason as to why I was able to lose an abundance of weight. I owe all of that to my juicer, and the fact that I was dedicated to losing the weight, of course. You can’t lose weight without staying active, and that’s exactly what I did! Juicers like these are always something you should keep on your target list, as they’re going to make the entire weight losing routine a lot more obvious. The more you juice, the better you’ll feel! I’ve been juicing all of my fruits and vegetables for about about 3 or 4 months now, and the results are something that I’ve been quite happy with.

About the Features

The features of this juicer are going to really sell you on the product, because you have to be aware of the different traits associated with specific juicers. For example, this juicer has a very easy to use process, and its got a very powerful motor on top of that. The low speed is around 80 RPMs, there’s no clogging or foaming with this piece of hardware. The 110 volts that you’re using will make sure you don’t ever have to deal with heat either, which is awful for juicing. The dual-stage juicing systems means that you’ll yield the highest amount of juice possible, as well as making sure it’s a smooth liquid (if you’d like). UL and cUL approved, this is a juicer that comes with a whopping 15 year worth of warranty.

How Often Do You Use It?

I use this juicer a lot, and I owe everything I accomplish with this product to House of Juicers. They have a lot of helpful tips and information that will allow you to buy the best juicer for your home and lifestyle.

The Positives

Juicers aren’t going to be crazy pieces of technology, but they’ll make your life much better in many different ways. There’s the 110 volts that it carries in power, which is more than enough to juice just about anything you could imagine. The 15 year warranty was really nice to see, as you usually only see a year or two when it comes to that.

The Negatives

Paying well over $250 for your juicer isn’t always going to be easy, especially if you’re tight on the amount of money you can spend. Not only is that expensive, but that’s the price when it’s on sale (it’s currently on sale if you shop through Amazon).

My Summary

It’s a great juicer, but I wish it didn’t cost so much money! If they made it more affordable, a lot more people would probably be able to get their hands on it.

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