5 Ways to Save Money and Time While Planning your Next Event

5 Ways to Save Money and Time While Planning your Next Event

Party planning is exciting, but can be stressful at the same time. You’ll put a lot of time and effort into planning a beautiful event and making sure everyone has a great time. The more you’re able to stay organized and within a decent budget, the better you’ll feel about hosting a great event. Use these strategies and essentials to stretch your budget and make the most of your time.

Hire a Commuting Bar Staff

Drinks are one of the core essentials that get the party going. It’s not something you want to dabble with if you’re not a master at it. Besides, you’ll have a million things to worry about already. One thing that’s been a hit with events are mobile bars. Unlike just hiring a bartender, mobile bars bring all the essentials to you. It’s not only a good look for you, but it’s also convenient.

With a mobile bar staff, you can focus on entertaining your guests and enjoying your own event. There’s no need to worry about handling your own liquor.  You also won’t have to decide how much to purchase. Certified professionals from the mobile bar will handle it all. Once you take care of the booking the company, your guests can tip at their convenience.

Buy Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless speakers are the new way to enjoy your music. DJs are nice and convenient, but they’re ultimately in control of the music even if you tell them your preferences. It’s also another expense on your list of bills for the event. Depending on the type of event, you’ll come out better using a Bluetooth speaker. On top of being less expensive than hiring someone, it’s convenient in multiple ways.

All you need to do is connect your mobile smart device, through Bluetooth or the auxiliary cable, and pull up the playlist you designed. With the right speaker, you’ll have enough power to blast sound into the next room. You can even have multiple speakers to make a surround sound or have music on the inside and outside. See the Speaker Digital buyer’s guide for details on different features and styles.

Get Help from Friends Who Can Cook

Catering is a great add on for a party, but you have other options for more flexibility with your food. Social media is saturated with delicious recipes shared from foodies all around the world. A party is the perfect time to round up all your friends who want to show off their recipes or try new ones. Go potluck to save money and time on food preparation for your party.

Choose A Party Theme

A theme for the event will set the tone for everything else and make the planning easy. Some popular party themes surround timeframes like the 70s or 80s. A theme based on the culture or geographic location also works well.  Toga parties and Hawaiian Luaus always turn out fun. Other themes involve colors like red, black and white parties or fifty shades of green.

Selecting a theme narrows down your choices with many areas of the party. You can give the bar staff direction on what drinks to prepare if you choose. For the food, you can create a specific menu based on the theme or give your helping hands direction on what dishes to bring. Setting a theme will even help you with making a playlist that will satisfy all your guest.

Learn How to Coupon

Many influencers have made coupons popular again over the last few years. The perfect time to take advantage of their knowledge of the working discounts is while preparing to host your party. You’ll be spending a lot of money on bulks of items, so the discounts on purchasing multiple items will come in handy. Save time and money while planning your next event by making your list based on the savings.

When the big day arrives, it should be a time for you to have fun. It shouldn’t be a stressful time or filled with work leaving you exhausted at the end of the night. If you plan carefully, ask for and accept help from others, and use your money wisely, you’ll be able to enjoy the party just as much as your guests.

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