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Fitbit Flex Review

Getting up and getting active can be one of the biggest struggles of the modern day. With all of this technology at our fingertips to keep us entertained and distracted from that gym trip we should be making or run that has been overdue for months now, could it also be a piece of technology which saves us and motivates us to do just the opposite? I know that when I am faced with cold hard statistics, fact, and figures that I am much more likely to get up off of my backside and do some exercise. If I can track my progress this gives me a much more visual representation of how well or badly I am doing, and is much more rewarding than thinking “So is that an inch I’ve lost or not?” That is what the Fitbit Flex aims to do, and the simple idea of having a fitness tracker on you all of the time to get an accurate reading of your progress is something that a lot of people appreciate having! Let’s take a look and see if the Fitbit is as good as it sounds!


So what exactly will a Fitbit do for me?

The idea behind a Fitbit may be a simple one bit the technology actually inside it is not. It utilizes a simple design which has been around for years now, namely a rubber wristband which has easy access to your pulse and other vital signs and has turned it into something special. This little device will measure the number of steps you take, the distance you’ve gone, calories burned and the total number of minutes you have been active. This is a lot of information to take on board! The LED lights will show you how well you are progressing against your daily targets but the features don’t stop there. The Fitbit will also monitor how long and well you sleep, and another really cool feature is the alarm will only wake you up and not your partner so there are no arguments in the morning!


What does it look like?

You can get the Fitbit in a variety of colours and you can adjust the strap size yourself when it is on your wrist, so the possibilities here are endless!


What’s good about it?

Fitbit have made one of the most well known and best fitness trackers you can buy today. It will ensure you are kept up to date with all of your fitness goals as you try and surpass each one and this should help you achieve your goals each and every day!


And what’s bad about it?

Some people have moaned that after a small amount of use that their Fitbit has begun to struggle with the battery life, but if you take a look at theFitness Exactwebsite, then you will see that compared to others this is not really an issue.


So what’s the conclusion?

The Fitbit is a good piece of kit and it is one that will continue to get better and better with each incarnation of itself. It may not be perfect but it is well on its way to becoming so!

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